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Bruchac, Joseph
Lay-ups and Long Shots: An Anthology of Short Stories 2008 (TEEN Short Stories Lay-Ups)
Nine short stories about middle school students and the sports they play.

Carter, Alden
Love, Football, and Other Contact Sports 2006 (TEEN Short Stories Carter)
A slice of life view of high school football players, their relationships and their connections within the community.

Coy, John
Crackback 2007 (TEEN PB C)
Teen 2010 Nutmeg Award Nominee.
Pressured to be the best, Miles Manning is struggling with the pressure to win the big game which will take his team to the state championship. Can he handle it?

FitzGerald, Dawn
Getting in the Game 2008 (TEEN PB F )
The odds are stacked against Joanna as she tries to gain acceptance on the boys’ ice hockey team.

FitzGerald, Dawn
Soccer Chick Rules 2007 (TEEN PB F)
Middle school sports will be cancelled unless a tax levy is passed.

Foley, John
Hoops of Steel 2007 (TEEN PB F )
Domestic violence has shaken the core of high school senior Jackson O’Connell. Does he have the self-confidence and inner strength to keep himself on track? Will basketball be his saving grace?

Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
Dairy Queen 2007 (TEEN PB M)
After her father is injured, D.J. must run the family farm. She begins to secretly train Brian, the rival high school quarterback, to help with the chores while Brian coaches her on football, D.J.’s true passion.

Strasser, Todd
Slide or Die 2006 (TEEN PB S)
Kennin is drawn into the dangerous world of racing cars in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tigelaar, Liz
Playing with the Boys 2008 (TEEN PB T )
Seeking self-confidence and independence from her father, Lucy joins the school varsity football team hoping to become a top performer while keeping her membership on the team a secret from her dad.

More sports titles on reverse side
Tigelaar, Liz
PrettyTough 2007 (TEEN PB T )
Soccer is a big part of Krista’s life. When her sister Charlie joins the team, will the two regain the close relationship they once had or will sibling rivalry drive them further apart?

Walters, Eric
Juice 2005 (TEEN PB W)
Pressured by his football coach, “Moose” is given steroids to ensure a winning season. His wild mood swings cause his family and friends to become concerned. A quick engaging read.



Macy, Sue
Freeze Frame: A Photographic History of the Winter Olympics 2006 (TEEN 796.98 Macy)
Highlights in the history of the winter Olympics from 1924-present. Includes profiles of the athletes.

Ritschel, John
Kickboxing Handbook 2008 (TEEN 796.815 Ritschel)
A step-by-step guide to various moves and strength building exercises.

Davis, James
Skateboarding Is Not A Crime: 50 years of Street Culture 2004 (796.22 Davis)
An account of the history of the sport and its culture. Illustrated with action photos.

Palmer, Chris
Streetball: All The Ballers, Moves, Slams, and Shine 2004 (TEEN 796.323 Palmer)
Discover the evolution of basketball as a street game, as told by ESPN Magazine writer Chris Palmer.

Various Authors
Series Title: Sports From Coast to Coast 2007
This series of books examines the history, rules, tips, strategy and safety for basketball, softball, paintball, football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and field hockey.