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Climbing the Stairs

The Revenge of Seven

Reporting Under Fire

More Horowitz Horror

More Horowitz Horror


Author  Title Call Number
Aguirre, Ann Mortal Danger  NEW TEEN FIC AGUIRRE
Alsaid, Adi      Let’s Get Lost  NEW TEEN FIC ALSAID
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn Killer Instinct   Coming in November, 2014
Cast, P.C. Redeemed        Coming in October, 2014
Condie, Ally Atlantia                        Coming in October, 2014
Dashner, James            The Rule of Thoughts  NEW TEEN FIC DASHNER
Davies, Anna   Followers NEW TEEN PB DAVIES
Elkeles, Simone           Better than Perfect NEW TEEN PB ELKELES S
Forman, Gayle If I Stay Movie Tie-in  NEW TEEN PB FORMAN G
Garcia, Kami   Dangerous Creatures    NEW TEEN FIC GARCIA
Grant, Michael Messenger of Fear Coming in September, 2014
Higson, Charlie            The Enemy      NEW TEEN PB HIGSON C
Higson, Charlie            The Dead NEW TEEN PB HIGSON C
Higson, Charlie            The Sacrifice   NEW TEEN PB HIGSON C
Higson, Charlie            The Fallen        NEW TEEN FIC HIGSON
Hollihan, Kerrie Logan            Reporting Under Fire   TEEN 070.43 HOLLIHAN
Hoover, Colleen Finding Cinderella NEW TEEN PB HOOVER C
Horowitz, Anthony      More Horowitz Horror NEW TEEN FIC HOROWITZ
Hunter, Nick    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge      


Laybourne, Emmy Monument 14: Sky on Fire NEW TEEN FIC LAYBOURNE
Lore, Pittacus   The Revenge of Seven NEW TEEN FIC LORE
Lu, Marie The Young Elites Coming in October, 2014
McCahan, Erin Love and Other Foreign Words            NEW TEEN FIC MCCAHAN
Patterson, James      The Lost Coming in December, 2014
Peters, Julie Anne      Lies My Girlfriend Told Me NEW TEEN FIC PETERS
Roux, Madeleine   Sanctum NEW TEEN FIC ROUX
Shepard, Sara   Seven Minutes in Heaven    NEW TEEN FIC SHEPARD
Shepard, Sara           The Perfectionists Coming in October, 2014
Shepard, Sara   Vicious            Coming in December, 2014
Sloan, Holly Goldberg Just Call My Name NEW TEEN FIC SLOAN
Venkatraman, Padma   Climbing the Stairs NEW TEEN PB VENKATRAMAN P
Venkatraman, Padma   Island’s End     NEW TEEN FIC VENKATRAMAN
Venkatraman, Padma   A Time to Dance NEW TEEN FIC VENKATRAMAN
Westerfeld, Scott Afterworlds     Coming in September, 2014
Wolitzer, Meg  Belzhar                    Coming in September, 2014
Yancey, Rick The Infinite Sea           Coming in September, 2014