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Carter, Ally
Heist Society 2010 (TEEN FIC CARTER)
Kat Bishop must organize a flawless art heist in order to save her father and herself from a further life of crime.

Feinstein, John
Change-up: Mystery at the World Series (A Final Four Mystery) 2010 (TEEN PB F)
During the course of an interview with the new pitcher for the Washington Nationals, two teen reporters uncover a mystery surrounding the player’s past that may hurt his future.

Jinks, Catherine
Evil Genius 2008 (TEEN PB J)
An antisocial computer hacker, discovers his true identity when he enrolls as a first-year student at an advanced crime academy.

Northrop, Michael
Gentlemen 2009 (TEEN PB N)
Three teenage boys suspect their English teacher’s strange behavior is connected to their friend’s disappearance.


Bauer, Joan
Peeled 2008 (TEEN PB B)
The sleepy community of Banesville is stricken with hysteria and fear after a series of spooky happenings. Can a high-school newspaper reporter discover what is really going on and who is responsible?

Hartnett, Sonya
Surrender 2005 (TEEN PB H)
An unlikely friendship develops between two boys, each with a secret past, as a string of arson fires plagues their small town. A psychological thriller.

Strasser, Todd
Wish You Were Dead 2009(TEEN FIC STRASSER)
A popular high school girl vanishes after an anonymous blogger posts a desire to see her dead. When two more students disappear after their names are posted, everyone at school panics. Who will be next and why? Part 1 of Trilogy.


Dunlap, Susanne
Musician’s Daughter 2009 (TEEN PB D)
Fifteen year old Theresa’s father is murdered, his body discovered in a gypsy camp. But where is his precious violin? Theresa is intent on finding her father’s killer and his violin to continue his musical legacy. A mix of mystery, thriller and romance, set in 18th century Vienna.

Mitchell, Saundra
Shadowed Summer 2009 (TEEN PB M)
When 14-year-old Iris is contacted by the ghost of a missing boy, she decides to try to solve his mysterious disappearance.

Shepard, Sara
The Lying Game 2010 (TEEN FIC SHEPARD)
Emma steps into the life of her long-lost twin sister to solve her murder, while she looks on from her afterlife.

Varrato, Tony
Fakie 2008 (TEEN PB V)
As the sole witness to a murder, Danny is placed in the witness protection program. He must learn to fit in or it will cost him his life.