Upcoming Movies at the Library

Second Saturday Cinema

Second Saturday classic films start at 1:30 pm. Registration is not required. Seating is limited.

July 9 —Double Indemnity (1944 Drama)
Directed by Billy Wilder
Stars: Barbara Stanwyck & Fred MacMurray
An insurance representative lets himself be talked into a murder/insurance fraud scheme that arouses an insurance investigator's suspicions. (107 min.)

August 13 — High Society (1956 Musical)
Directed by Charles Walters
Stars: Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly
Heiress Tracy Lord is engaged to one man, attracted to another and, just maybe, in love again with her ex-husband in this musical reinvention of Philip Barry's play The Philadelphia Story featuring a Cole Porter score. (111 min.)

September 10 — White Heat (1949 Crime)
Directed by Raoul Walsh
Stars: Jimmy Cagney & Virginia Mayo
A psychopathic criminal with a mother complex makes a daring break from prison and leads his old gang in a chemical plant payroll heist. Shortly after the plan takes place, events take a crazy turn. (114 min.)




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