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Proctoring Policy


In support of lifelong learning, the Wethersfield Library provides a limited test proctoring service to Wethersfield residents.

Only those tests which meet the guidelines listed below will be proctored. These guidelines insure the integrity of the testing process and equitable treatment of all students. The Library reserves the right to limit or deny this service if the proctoring request does not meet the proctoring guidelines.



1. Library staff will proctor print or online examinations by appointment during the Library’s regular hours of operation Monday through Friday.

2. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is needed to allow the scheduling of staff to proctor the exam.

3. Students must complete an application form prior to scheduling the exam appointment, and are responsible for assuring that all necessary communication is made with the education institution.

4. Exams cancelled or postponed by the student due to illness, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances will be rescheduled as staffing allows.


1. Exams and/or online login information must be sent directly from the testing institution to the Library.

2. Librarians cannot proctor exams that students bring in themselves, even if the exam is a sealed document.

3. Students must provide packaging and sufficient pre-paid postage for the return mailing of their examination.

4. An exam cannot be proctored if it requires the release of Library staff personal information (e.g. address, phone).

5. The Library cannot guarantee a specific proctor, but will make available a list of the staff who would be available to proctor during the student’s scheduled test time.

6. Due to the demands on staff time, proctors are not able to monitor a student continuously during an exam, but may check on the student periodically.

7. Proctors will adhere to time limits that are placed on the exam, as well as other rules set forth in the examination materials.

8. Library staff can only sign a proctoring verification form that accurately reflects what the staff member has been able to do.

Hardware requirements

1. Computer-based tests must be compatible with the hardware and software available on the Library workstations.

2. Online exams must not require the modification of Library hardware, software, or security systems.

3. The Library cannot proctor an online exam if it requires the Library to retain student electronic files, either on the hard drive of a computer or a removable storage device.


All expenses related to the proctoring of examinations, such as postage for the return of print examinations, will be paid by the student who is taking the exam or the educational institution.


1. Print exams will be returned by regular mail.

2. The Library cannot scan completed print exams and email them as attachments. The Library will fax completed examinations at the student’s request.

3. The Library is not responsible for test materials left longer than 30 days after a scheduled test appointment. Print exams not take within 30 days of the scheduled date will be returned to the institution if postage has been provided, or will be shredded otherwise. Password and login information for online exams will be discarded.

4. The Wethersfield Library will not be responsible for any delayed delivery of exams, nor for any completed exams once they leave the Library’s possession and have been returned to the educational institution or association.

5. All files generated during the proctoring process (e.g. registration forms) will be deleted or destroyed two weeks after the exam date. No records will be retained.

Approved by the Library Board July 27, 2010
Revised October 22, 2013